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Shower cabins of any complexity

Compliance of a bathroom to all requirements and priorities is indisputable pledge of comfortable life. Today very few people consider a bathroom as the usual place for hygienic requirements. Modern bathrooms got a certain image of places of a relaxation which reflect essence of the owner in the interior.

Planning of similar rooms often rests the area which, unfortunately, is not always enough. For this reason recently shower sliding oar cabins not only do not lose the relevance, and on the contrary gain popularity.

There is a mass of configurations of options of external design of shower cabins from transparent and opaque glass in combination with acryle. They can be equipped with shelves, sushka for towels both various accessories chromeplated and gold which are in harmony with glass doors.

Recently there were very popular models of shower cabins with big mirrors and a dry zone. Advantage of the last in that, clothes and all bathing accessories are on the places.

Among variety of shower cabins from glass and acryle, undoubtedly, there are sure bets. But also they have no those advantages what shower cabins have from glass.

· Shower cabins from glass look much more accurately, due to small use of opaque parts. These shower cabins visually do not take away part of space and easier fit into any interior.

· If one of cabin details (fixture, a hose, a glass wall or accessories stainless steel) became useless, there is no need for full replacement of a cabin. It is enough to replace the spoiled detail only.

· In comparison with plastic analogs, these shower not only are safer and accurater, but also is more practical. All begin to flow and spots are washed away rather easily by means of usual water. Besides glass without growing turbid also does not absorb dirt.

As the main material for production of such shower cabins serves the shock-resistant tempered glass from 8 to 10 mm thick. It provides a high threshold of steady, reliable and safe operation. The invoice of glass happens glass opaque, transparent, to drawing.

Depending on model, also the number of partitions from glass changes. They maintain the main loading. Fastening creates them really strong design.

The quantity of glass doors is also not standard. Some designs provide oar doors which open on both sides. In the closed situation they very densely are fixed on the center, at the expense of special shower loops. Doors from glass, usually fasten to partitions though at some models there is also a wall fastening.

As a rule, in height such cabins do not exceed 2 meters. In order to avoid steam congestion, existence of air space under a ceiling is necessary.

With purchase of a glass shower cabin there is opportunity not only to resolve safety issues and profitability. The most courageous and treasured imaginations are realized.

Type of shower booth:Shower cabin
Design variant:Combined
Panel material:Glass
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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