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Sanding drawings

Sanding drawings
  • Sanding drawings
  • Sanding drawings
  • Sanding drawings
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Sandblasting of glasses and mirrors

To create a refined and unique interior by means of original furniture, to increase or differentiate space, using mirrors and glass partitions, today became possible for everyone. Many designers at registration of interiors use glass and mirrors. The surface which is poured in rays of light gives to the room of luxury and refinement. However originality can be given, having applied various methods of processing of smooth and glossy surfaces.

Our company offers such services as sandblasting flew down also mirrors. This method found great popularity in production of furniture, registration of mirrors and partitions today. We will make a show-window with the name of your shop, glass partitions and doors for office with a logo of your company, interior elements with refined drawing or a pattern for your house by means of sandblasting of glass and mirrors. We offer a huge number of drawings and patterns, but you can order drawing drawing on glass according to own sketches. Thanks to the modern hi-tech equipment, processing occupies small amount of time.

For production of decorative home decoration from glass and mirrors various technicians of processing are used. One of the most popular and well-known, but from that not less attractive, still remain sandblasting of mirrors – a method at which the smooth surface is exposed to bombing by the smallest particles of abrasive material owing to what there is possible a drawing drawing on glass.

Sandblasting is made in special shops and with use of the special sanding equipment directing sand to a covering under the big pressure therefore the cloth becomes opaque. The matting can be continuous or partial, i.e. in the first case all drawing is put, and in the second ambassador of processing at the exit the product with a certain pattern or an ornament turns out.

Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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