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Photowall-paper by individual orders

Photowall-paper by individual orders
  • Photowall-paper by individual orders
  • Photowall-paper by individual orders
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Rather recently photowall-paper on a wall had great success in many owners of apartments. Eventually it is fashion passed. But, the trend which in recent years is slightly forgotten reminded of itself.

During the Soviet era photowall-paper represented not really quality product not capable to strike with a variety. The same pictures quickly bothered.

Modern material is wall-paper which uses for decoration of rooms of any type, whether it be a drawing room, kitchen, a bedroom or a nursery. By means of photowall-paper the small room visually becomes more spacious and light.


Depending on the designer's tasks, photowall-paper plays concrete function, allowing to emphasize a necessary element of an interior. For example, if you are interested in the quiet, weakening atmosphere in a bedroom, try to apply on a wall photowall-paper the representing natures, plants, any reservoir. At the same time, try not to encumber a wall with furniture. Nothing has to disturb the review.

In a drawing room it is possible to allocate one wall, having placed accurate emphasis. In it you will be helped by monophonic photowall-paper with an interior, black-and-white variations, a bright ornament, a pattern, the image of the city.

In a bedroom the landscape, the integrated trees and flowers, nature elements will approach more. It is the best of all to reflect the world of fairy tales in the nursery, to place on a wall of favourite characters of animated films. Thanks to them, the child will always have a good mood.

The made narrower corridor can be expanded and increased visually, having pasted the abstract photowall-paper which does not have a clear boundary.

There are several options of drawing photowall-paper. Someone prefers to paste over all wall at once. Others, on the contrary, want to select a separate fragment of a wall. In the latter case you can emphasize interior details, or break the room on under zones.

By means of photowall-paper it is possible to imitate separate elements of a situation in the apartment, in particular, a door, the opened window, a niche, a decorative arch, a portico. Very interesting decision - use of the photowall-paper imitating ancient frescos, copying a cloth of the famous artist. Thus, you will emphasize style of an interior of the room, will make it more noble.

Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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