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Kitchen aprons
Custom order 
12000 KZT
Art – the Sun Studio "Steklotsentra Kokshe" center offer a different way of updating of kitchen - it is the printing of bright stylish images on any surfaces - whether it be facades of hinged lockers, a kitchen apron (skinal), wall-paper, a tile, blinds, a table-top and chairs.   In an arsenal of...
Group: Kitchen apron
Phototile by individual orders
Custom order 
10000 KZT
Photo printing on a tile The phototile is the quality photographic image applied to tiled products. Such tile can be applied in the form of the whole wall panels, floor panels, a panel on facades, it is also possible to make a panel in the pool or in the bowl of the pool. If you want to find...
Group: Photo tiles
Stained-glass windows are window
Custom order, 3 days 
15000 KZT
We look at the street through a transparent windowpane, we admire the reflection in a mirror, we appreciate transparent doors of cases grace and functionality. Glass was included into human life long ago and became one of fundamental elements of the organization of vital space. But how often we...
Group: Window vitrages
Stained-glass windows are church
Custom order 
Stained-glass windows create the special atmosphere and the corresponding mood. Light getting through them, is capable to add to the person of special feeling which can influence not only external perception, but also internal experience.  Application of a method of the UV printing for...
Group: Stained-glass decorative windows
Modular pictures
Custom order 
10000 KZT
To visually expand space, to maintain geometrical adjustedness of an interior, at the same time having given it an easy, stylish and modern look it is possible by means of modular, or as they are called differently, the segmented pictures. Segments can be the separate images united by the general...
Group: Photo pictures
Photowall-paper by individual orders
Custom order 
6000 KZT
Rather recently photowall-paper on a wall had great success in many owners of apartments. Eventually it is fashion passed. But, the trend which in recent years is slightly forgotten reminded of itself. During the Soviet era photowall-paper represented not really quality product not capable to...
Group: Photo wall-papers
Mirror mosaic
Custom order 
30000 KZT
The mirror panel one of the best types of dressing of rooms, represents a set of the separate mirror tiles executed in any any or symmetric form (a square, a triangle, a rhombus, etc.) with fatsety or other type of processing and type of assembly. The mirror panel is most often made under the...
Group: Mirror interior
Shower cabins
Custom order 
200000 KZT
Shower cabins of any complexity Compliance of a bathroom to all requirements and priorities is indisputable pledge of comfortable life. Today very few people consider a bathroom as the usual place for hygienic requirements. Modern bathrooms got a certain image of places of a relaxation which...
Group: Shower cabins
In stock 
4800 KZT
Mirrors of any sizesThe mirror of the big sizes long since attracted delighted looks and the special mission and a role forced to believe in the to a situation. The first mirror product took away the world only with approach of mankind. Process of production of mirrors was rather primitive in those...
Group: Mirror products
Sanding drawings
Custom order 
8000 KZT
Sandblasting of glasses and mirrors To create a refined and unique interior by means of original furniture, to increase or differentiate space, using mirrors and glass partitions, today became possible for everyone. Many designers at registration of interiors use glass and mirrors. The surface...
Group: Patterned glass
Photo pictures
In stock 
Group: Photo pictures
Walls mirror
In stock 
Group: Walls mirror
Furniture glass
In stock 
Group: Furniture glass
Cloths mirror
In stock 
Group: Cloths mirror
Volumetric paintings
In stock 
Group: Volumetric paintings


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